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 Sabang is a small barangay (village) of Puerto Galera,

 located at the northern part of Oriental Mindoro / Philippines



 with three beaches: Sabang, Small La Laguna and Big La Laguna

Sabang Panorama







More than three decades ago tourism started with backpackers in Big La Laguna. Because the nice sandy beaches and the crystal clear water, they created the slogan: They call it paradise! - this times are past.

  • Sabang was primarily a fishing community, until tourism based on scuba-diving (run by foreigners) and sex tourism (run by Filipinos) came to dominate the economy. 2006 the community of Sabang Beach was inhabited by one thousand Filipinos linked by kinship; three hundred bar-girls who have been recruited from other provinces to work in Sabang's three go-go bars; an expatriate community of Western men three hundred and fifty strong; and a transient population of between five to seven hundred tourists comprising mostly foreign males (Rosemary Wiss).

  • Today there are mainly short-term tourists from Southkorea in Sabang; so, from the six barfine-bars (Midnight, Sabang Disco, Village Disco, Venus, Broadway and Coco Lips), the most are under Korean management and the most larger resorts (dive shops) are owned by Koreans - guess whom you meet underwater :-)
  • Sabang is for single men (or those who want to have fun at night) - if you are a loving couple or family, this place is not for you.           Couples and families should go to White Beach, Tamaraw or Talipanan!
  • Even so, Sabang is the best destination for divers in Puerto Galera, here they find a large number of dive shops and experienced dive instructors. That's why the new slogan is:  A Divers Paradise!

Sabang BeachSabang Beach